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Dear health workers!

I congratulate you on your professional holiday – medical worker's Day!
Since the time of Hippocrates and nowadays, people in white coats are distinguished by humanism and unselfishness, patience and mercy. Your profession is the most humane on earth, you help people to return to active work, to gain confidence in the future, to feel the joy of life again. Your dedication has made the medical profession one of the most respected in society.


Director of the West Kazakhstan Higher medical College K. M. Irmenov

Dear entrants!

West Kazakhstan Higher medical College accepts documents from June 20 to August 25 for full-time education on the basis of secondary General education (11 classes) in the field



On June 4, the action "Symbols of my pride"was held in the West Kazakhstan Higher medical College.

The main way to educate young people as a patriot is to promote the idea of national symbols. In this case, respect for our Motherland, our land, symbols, country, Patriotic feelings is the duty of every citizen! The sacred place of birth should be respected by every citizen of Kazakhstan.


The I Republican scientific-practical conference of students and young scientists "GLOBALIZATION: SCIENCE AND the YOUTH" organized by the Ural multidisciplinary College "Bolashak" students Department "Laboratory diagnostics" West Kazakhstan Higher medical College Tuleugalieva Nazerke, Kairova Azhar (head-Bergenova L.E.) delivered a scientific report on "Modern technologies and modern technologies in the field of Microbiology." Became the owners of the II-th prize. Congratulations!

One of the priorities of the educational process in the West Kazakhstan Higher medical College is to improve the skills of teachers by establishing partnerships with foreign and domestic Universities.

In this direction, on may 31, 2019, the College held a training seminar "Communicative and professional competence of the teacher of the higher College – the pledge of the teacher - leader".

In accordance with the work plan of the EMA to specialty "Hygiene and epidemiology" for 2019 in order to establish a system of information exchange between the medical colleges of Kazakhstan, analysis of topical issues of methods of teaching special subjects, exchange of experience in training of the specialty "Hygiene and epidemiology" in may of 2019 held a national On-line competition among all the teachers of the specialty "Hygiene and epidemiology" for "the Best methodical development of extracurricular activities."

 May 21 and 22, 2019 in Astana summed up the results of the Republican contest "Best practices of medical education organizations in the training of nurses, which was attended by higher medical colleges, medical universities and medical colleges.


The purpose of the Competition is to promote the improvement of the system of training nurses in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

West Kazakhstan Higher medical College holds a training seminar on the topic: Communication skills from may 27 to June 1, 2019. To conduct seminar training by lecturers from Department of communication skills M. D. Professor in the specialty "Psychiatry" Asimov Marat Abubakarovich and head of the Department PhD associate Professor Bagirov Fatima Arystanbekova AO KazNMU them. S. D. Asfendiyarov.

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