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Happy new year 2020!!!

   In the New Year-this holiday of renewal, I sincerely want to wish everyone new successes, achievements, achievements, wonderful discoveries and triumph in all things!

   Let 2020 bring us only a lot of positive and pleasant events! I wish that next year will bring us as many joys as there are days in the year. 

    Dear colleagues, in the New Year I would like to wish you professional and creative success, mutual understanding and respect in the team, and worthy rewards for your work.

    I wish you health, prosperity, and family well-being! Happy New Year!

 Director of the West Kazakhstan Higher medical College Irmenov K. M.


Contact phone numbers of the permanent regional Call center for education, created at the Center for support of children in difficult situations of The Department of education: 8 (7112) 31-23-38 and 87471127407, callcenteredu@qmail.com



On December 21, 2019, the West Kazakhstan Higher medical College held an event on the theme "Youth in the history of the country". The purpose of the speech was to expand and deepen students ' knowledge of the history of the country, to talk about the role of youth in the history of Kazakhstan, the formation of continuity of generations.

On the eve of the Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the Republican Olympiad "Hippocrates", organized by the Center "URKER MITEC", from the West Kazakhstan Higher medical College under the leadership of 16 teachers participated 163 students. Of these, 19 students took the First place, 74 students took the SECOND place, 70 students-the THIRD place.

On December 12, in the Assembly hall of the West Kazakhstan Higher medical College, a solemn event dedicated to the Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan "BIZ mangi-Tauelsiz Eldin zhastarymyz" independence Day - an indicator of the large - scale historical achievements of the people of Kazakhstan, which for the first time in its history created a modern state.

December 10-2019 in the West Kazakhstan higher medical College with the participation of groups SD-13, SD-15, SD-17 and curators M. S. Bisarieva, G. K. Berdieva, A. T. Kuzdavletova held an open class hour dedicated to the 28th anniversary of independence on the theme: "Independence-freedom of my country."

On December 4, in ZKVMK the teacher of internal diseases of the highest category Kurnoskina V. P. held a conference on the topic: "Topical issues of diagnosis and treatment of diseases of internal organs".

On 30.11.2019, The first stage of the intellectual game brain-ring "the Future of the country - in the hands of educated youth" was held, organized by the West Kazakhstan Higher medical College and the Resource center for youth work in Uralsk.

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