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Dear teachers, employees, students!

Heartily I congratulate you on Knowledge Day, from the beginning new 2018-2019 academic years. For each of us this day special. We are convinced of enduring demand of quality education, value of work of the teacher again and again.
Possession of new knowledge and competences becomes a factor of growth and development of one and all fields of activity and in particular in medicine. It confers on all of us responsibility which our collective, without any doubts, we will justify.
Let new academic year will become for us and our college time of new victories and prospects, big creative search. I wish you further success in a professional field, good health, peace and harmony, happiness and vital wellbeing!
My special congratulations to newly made students. Dear first-year students! You study so that thoughts and heart, feelings and mind were conformable, carry on and strengthen the best traditions of our alma mater.

With new academic year! Great success to you in the world of Knowledge!

Director of the West Kazakhstan Highest medical college, Irmenov K.M.




On the eve of the international day against corruption in the West Kazakhstan Higher medical College was organized a single hour dedicated to the fight against corruption. The purpose of this event is to prevent corruption within the walls of the institution, as well as the promotion of anti-corruption measures.

On 06.12.2018, the Republican festival of student projects "Creative student - future specialist"was held in the West Kazakhstan Higher medical College. The festival was attended by students of 1-3 courses of specialty "Nursing", medical colleges of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Language of the festival: Kazakh, Russian, English.

The aim of the festival of student projects is to increase interest in their profession and strengthen confidence in the future of the chosen profession.

As part of the week "General professional subjects – the way to medicine", November 23 in the West Kazakhstan Higher medical College held a meeting of circles "Hippocrates" (anatomy) and "Reflex" (physiology). Goals and objectives of the event: with the help of non-traditional forms of the event (telecast) to develop students ' cognitive skills, as well as increase interest in relevant subjects.

As part of the week "General professional subjects – the way to medicine", teachers of CMС №2 held a master class for "Young teachers" on "the Benefits of teaching General professional subjects in three languages".

On November 21, in the West Kazakhstan Higher medical College within the framework of the passing week CMK №2, the action "The role of nurses in promoting healthy lifestyles" was organized. This action was organized by the teacher of valeology, K. Muftahieva, together with the students of groups of Nursing-22, Nursing-29.

On November 21, in the West Kazakhstan Higher medical College within the week "General professional subjects-the way to medicine", among the students of 1-2 courses in the subjects of anatomy, physiology and pathology was held a competition"the Best video and the best presentation".

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