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Happy new year 2020!!!

   In the New Year-this holiday of renewal, I sincerely want to wish everyone new successes, achievements, achievements, wonderful discoveries and triumph in all things!

   Let 2020 bring us only a lot of positive and pleasant events! I wish that next year will bring us as many joys as there are days in the year. 

    Dear colleagues, in the New Year I would like to wish you professional and creative success, mutual understanding and respect in the team, and worthy rewards for your work.

    I wish you health, prosperity, and family well-being! Happy New Year!

 Director of the West Kazakhstan Higher medical College Irmenov K. M.


Contact phone numbers of the permanent regional Call center for education, created at the Center for support of children in difficult situations of The Department of education: 8 (7112) 31-23-38 and 87471127407, callcenteredu@qmail.com



"We are the heirs of Victory!" the action was attended by students of the College.

The main purpose of the campaign is to honor, honor and lay flowers at the monuments of Kazakh soldiers in the great Patriotic war.

On February 21, the West Kazakhstan higher medical College held a round table on the topic "Religion and law" with the participation of underage students. The main goal of the event was to increase the religious literacy of students and get answers on religious and legal issues from specialists, as well as to familiarize students with legal methods for preventing the spread of ideas of religious extremism.

A meeting was held on state programs for the THIRD year students of the College.

The event was attended by experts of Department of economy and budget planning Elena Viktorovna and the head of the Advisory Department of the youth resource center region Aman Bauyrjanuly, as well as from the youth wing "Zhas Otan" Ainash Kuatkalievna.

On February 17-18, students of the West Kazakhstan higher medical College, who performed at the regional stage of the "I Spartakiad of College students of Kazakhstan" in honor of the 75th anniversary of the great Victory, achieved high results.

On February 14, 2020, VOLUNTEERS from the West Kazakhstan Higher medical College visited a Regional family-type children's village..

Responsible teachers for professional work Ismagulova T. M. told future applicants about the College, about the demand for specialists of secondary medical care in our region, about the specialties in which medical workers are trained in the College.

Students of the 3rd year of the West Kazakhstan Higher medical College visited the regional drama theater. A. N. Ostrovsky. The theater hosted an "Open Day" organized By the international educational holding "Gaudeamus". The Director of the holding advised the students on their questions.

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