Версия для слабовидящих The training is "Standardized patient»





Dear health workers!

I congratulate you on your professional holiday – medical worker's Day!
Since the time of Hippocrates and nowadays, people in white coats are distinguished by humanism and unselfishness, patience and mercy. Your profession is the most humane on earth, you help people to return to active work, to gain confidence in the future, to feel the joy of life again. Your dedication has made the medical profession one of the most respected in society.


Director of the West Kazakhstan Higher medical College K. M. Irmenov

Dear entrants!

West Kazakhstan Higher medical College accepts documents from June 20 to August 25 for full-time education on the basis of secondary General education (11 classes) in the field


11.04.2009 in the West Kazakhstan Higher medical College teachers of special disciplines Imangalieva R.G., Trunova-Feduleeva N.V. and students of the medical Department of the III course conducted a training "Standardized patient" on the subject "Obstetrics and gynecology". III year students and teachers of special disciplines were invited to the event.

The use of standardized patients in the process of interactive learning of students allows teachers to control the learning process, to link theoretical knowledge and practical skills and to evaluate the communicative skills of students.



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