Версия для слабовидящих Должностные инструкции






I congratulate you on the day of gratitude!

   Please accept our most sincere congratulations on the holiday of spring, tenderness and love on March 8!

I sincerely wish you love and understanding in your family homes , honor and success at work, as well as warmth and peace in your hearts. I bow to you for your conscientious work, cordiality, and charity, which are filled with your tender souls!

Health to you , family comfort, well- being, good mood for many years!


 Director of the West Kazakhstan Higher medical College Irmenov K. M.


Contact phone numbers of the permanent regional Call center for education, created at the Center for support of children in difficult situations of The Department of education: 8 (7112) 31-23-38 and 87471127407, callcenteredu@qmail.com


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